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Welcome to Salt Escape Carina.

Salt Escape will be taking a Break and moving locations! Hi there everyone. As most of you are aware my beautiful Mother who I started and ran the business with (over 5 years ago now) recently passed on from this world leaving behind an incredibly broken hearted but grateful family and community. She was and still is my best friend, role model and daily inspiration. Due to some unforeseen circumstances we will be closing the doors at Salt Escape Carina on Friday 13th October 2017 (Yes Mom loved Friday the 13th and thought it was a rather lucky day) for a bit of a break until we can find the perfect spot to relocate to. I need a bit of a mental break as well before I am ready to carry on and rebuild what we started. We are in no way “shutting for good” as Mamma Bear wanted a Wellness Centre and we will create a centre over time to dedicate to her. She loved helping people through our little community and formed some very beautiful and close friendships here as well and I would love to carry on her healing Legacy. We will be honouring all remaining Groupon Deals and package deals until our last trade day on Friday 13th October 2017 so make sure you get in and use your sessions. If for some reason you struggle to get in and use your remaining sessions let us know and we will make a note to keep these valid for when eventually we re-open. We will be having sales on all remaining stock as well in the last few weeks of trade so keep an eye out for sale announcements. I want to take this time to thank everyone for their understanding, patience, love and support and to remind everyone to follow us via our Facebook and Website for updates and information even after we go on our break. I will continue to share interesting facts, health information etc through our social media accounts and may even continue to have some Salt Products available to post out if there is a demand for it. We will aim to create a new space that not only continues to benefit the health of so many but will honour my beautiful Mom and her legacy as well.

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Hours & Location

Unit 3/ 787 Old Cleveland Road Carina
0432 487 753

Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
Sat: 9am-2pm

About Salt Therapy

Simply, Salt Therapy is breathing in salty air for therapeutic reasons. It is a common, natural treatment in eastern and central Europe but widely used all over the world.

It is based on the principle that exposure to the microclimate inside a natural salt mine/cave can play an important role in the relief of many health problems; especially for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other respiratory and skin conditions.

Salt therapy delivered at therapeutic spas built inside salt mines / caves is known as Speleotherapy or Halo Therapy.

When do our sessions run?
At Salt Escape we run sessions on the hour every hour and run for 45 minutes allowing us 15 minutes to clean and ventilate the room in between sessions . Monday – Friday our first session starts at 9am and the last sessions starts at 4pm. On a Saturday our first session starts at 9am and our last session starts at 1pm. All new clients are required to be in at least 15 minutes before the hour to fill in paper work and to allow time for questions etc. If you are late to your first appointment you may miss out on time or even have to reschedule depending on how late you arrive. We thank you for your understanding that arriving late can cause disruption to others already enjoying a session. If you need any further clarification on session times please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email.

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