About Salt Therapy

Simply, Salt Therapy is breathing in salty air for therapeutic reasons. It is a common, natural treatment in eastern and central Europe but widely used all over the world. It is based on the principle that exposure to the micro climate inside a natural salt mine/cave can play an important role in the relief of many health problems; especially for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other respiratory and skin conditions. Salt therapy delivered at therapeutic spas built inside salt mines / caves is known as Speleotherapy or Halo Therapy.

At Salt Escape, salt therapy is delivered in a special room, where the micro-climate of a natural salt mine / cave is replicated using a patented, state-of-the-art medical device called a Halo Generator . Our Halomed Halo Generator is TGA certified.

When do our sessions run?
At Salt Escape we run sessions on the hour every hour and run for 45 minutes allowing us 15 minutes to clean and ventilate the room in between sessions . Monday – Friday our first session starts at 10am and the last sessions starts at 4pm. On a Saturday we run Adult only sessions (childrens sessions available during the week) with our first session starts at 9am and our last session starts at 1pm. All new clients are required to be in at least 15 minutes before the hour to fill in paper work and to allow time for questions etc. If you are late to your first appointment you may miss out on time or even have to reschedule depending on how late you arrive. We thank you for your understanding that arriving late can cause disruption to others already enjoying a session. If you need any further clarification on session times please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email.

1 . Salt Therapy for Sport Performance Enhancement

When you want to win, you need that edge. As an athlete, you know that every advantage counts. Halo therapy /Salt Therapy for Sports Performance Enhancement can help you get that edge over the competition. The primary goal of every athlete is to achieve their absolute, maximum potential. One of the most important determinants of whether this is possible is an optimum breathing pattern and lung capacity.

Poor breathing patterns:

- Reduce stamina and performance
– Increase the likelihood of injury in training and competition
– Increase the production of lactic acid and subsequently leave the athlete with residual muscle soreness
– Increase dehydration
– Increase the occurrence of cramps
– Greatly increase recovery time
– Limit gaseous exchange in the lungs
– Elevate the heart rate
– Increase anxiety
– Decrease concentration
– Deplete energy levels
– Contribute to poor sleep patterns
– Dry, diffused, saline air inhalation or Halo therapy successfully addresses all of these factors.

The aim of Halo therapy / Salt Therapy, as part of an active sports program, is to increase lung function and breathing capacity. Athletes find that once they have optimized their breathing, they can achieve better performance, using less breath. This means they have more air in reserve to achieve outstanding performance.

Clinical Trials have shown that Halo therapy is effective:

- To clear mucous from the airways thus removing airflow obstruction
– To enhance the mucous clearance mechanism in both asthmatic and healthy subjects
– To maintain clear airways
– To provide anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects in the whole respiratory tract
– To reduce bronchial sensitization and improve lung function
– To help clear unwanted, inhaled particles from respiratory tract
– As a drug-free treatment for asthma, bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and sinusitis
Thus, integrating Halo therapy into your training routine can induce better lung function, improve performance and, while preventing and treating many underlying respiratory weaknesses among athletes.

2. How does Salt Therapy work?

Salt therapy uses a Halo Generator to reproduce and monitor the therapeutic micro-climate of natural salt caves/ mines. The air coming from the medical device is sterile, negatively ionised and saturated with a low concentration of highly dispersed, pharmaceutical grade salt . Patients relax in a pleasant artificial Salt Cave, with salt on the floor and walls, breathe in the regulated salt, which is immediately transported to every part of the respiratory tract; even the smallest bronchioles and alveoli. Once in place, it dissolves and attracts the small, positively charged impurities, which are subsequently able to be either coughed up by the patient, or, which leave the body during metabolic processes via the bloodstream.

The machine is set to different levels of salt concentration depending on the condition being treated. Concentrations in the salt room ranges from five to 10 milligrams per cubic meter of air for the session.

Why dry salt aerosol? – Research has shown:

Research shows that moist saline aerosol is significantly less effective than dry salt aerosol and can cause adverse effects.

The treatments helps aid in and relieve the root of all inflammatory respiratory illnesses (lower or upper tract, asthma, bronchitis as well as allergies and catarrh) by destroying bacteria and restoring health.


3.  Which symptoms can be treated by Salt Therapy?

- Bronchitis
– Emphysema
– Asthma
– Hay fever
– Ear infection
– Breathlessness, chest tightness
– Pneumonia (post acute stage)
– Cystic fibrosis
– Smoker’s cough (including secondary smoke)
– Cough with viscous sputum discharging with difficulties
– Dry, paroxysmal cough with distant rates
– Dry rales (mostly with low tone) changing its localization during auscultation
– Frequent acute disorders of respiratory tract
– Pharyngitis
– Multi-chemical sensitivity syndrome
– Sinusitis/sinus inflammation
– Respiratory infections
– Respiratory allergies to industrial and household pollutants
– Rhinitis
– Tonsillitis
– Eczema
– Psoriasis
– Dermatitis
– Stress – this experience provides a great relaxation environment

 4. What results can patients expect and how many sessions will you need?

Since 1940, doctors acknowledge that thousands of patients have been successfully treated by Halo Therapy (treatment in natural Salt Caves) in Canada, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Austria and Germany. After receiving treatments, patients’ breathing became easier, lung function and symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and shortness of breath improved, while prescription drug use decreased significantly.
Salt Therapy at the Salt Cave mimics the natural salt environment of central and eastern European salt mines and patients can expect to experience positive results in as few as 7-30 days.

For people with colds, flu symptoms, ear infections or other temporary respiratory discomforts, 1 to 8 sessions can be very effective. For chronic respiratory and dermatological conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, allergies, psoriasis, etc., it is strongly recommended to complete 12 to 30 sessions of 45 minutes each, in as short a time period as is feasible. Salt room treatment is most effective when it is administered at least twice a week or more frequently. It is advisable to repeat the therapy 1 to 3 times per year to maintain the positive results. For recreational, relaxation and stress relieving purposes, sessions can be taken as many times as desired.

Thousands of patients have been successfully treated by speleotherapy (treatment in natural salt caves) in Canada, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Austria and Germany since the early 1900s. Clinical studies have also been conducted and the results demonstrate that after a series of treatments completed within a prescribed amount of time (twice a week), patients’ breathing became less labored, symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath were improved, and medical drug usage was decreased significantly.

5. How Are Health Improvements Noticeable?

As a result of Salt Therapy, the condition of compromised bronchi is restored, breathing became easier and quality in function of breathing improves. This facilitates the normalization of other bodily systems. Due to a fortified immune system, days off sick will decrease and patients will become more resilient. In cases of asthma and croup, the inflammation causing spasms of the bronchus will cease and the passage of air through the bronchial tubes will normalise, leading to the end of attacks.

6. What shall I wear during Salt Therapy?

For Salt Therapy you don’t need to wear any special clothing unless you are coming for skin conditions, when we recommend you wear shorts and T shirt, to expose as much of the affected area as possible. We provide hairnets and shoe covers to wear during the therapy. We request that you do not to wear perfume or scented body lotion before or during the therapy, as many of our clients are allergic to them.

7. Why is relative humidity important in the Salt Cave?

The humidity in the room must be between 40-70%. If the air is too dry or too humid the efficacy of the therapy declines, as the tiny salt particles cannot get into the smallest parts of the lungs (alveoli). This is the reason that fountains or other water features cannot be installed in a Salt Cave. Breeze Tronic Pro continuously monitors the humidity in the salt rooms and, using its integral dehumidifier, the humidity is constantly kept in the ideal range.

8. What can I do with my small children/toddlers during the Salt Therapy session?

Please see pricing for children under our services menu. Please note we only run childrens sessions during the week due to only having one room and Saturdays being our busiest day. We run separate sessions for children as kids like to play and adults like to relax. So please give us a call to arrange a separate childrens session at a convenient time during the week. Children are to be accompanied by an adult to Salt Sessions. All we ask is that children wear hair nets (provided), clean clothes and socks (if very young – as our booties may be too big for them) and that children please refrain from jumping on the furniture, throwing salt onto the furniture or causing any undue disturbances or damage in the room as the walls are very delicate. There are toys available for your little one to play in the salt with otherwise you are welcome to bring in books if they would like to read as well. Please note – In house prices for children do not apply to 3rd Party Deal such as Living Social or Groupon. If booking with a 3rd party voucher children and adults both require separate vouchers regardless of age.

9. What advantages does The Salt Cave – Salt Therapy has over the original salt mine cave environment?

 Unlike the natural cave/salt mine clinic, the artificial Salt Cave with our special Halo Generator is a controlled environment where the diffused salt concentration, temperature and humidity are constant and the size of the salt aerosol is controlled (1-5mkm). The air is hypobacterial, allergen free and saturated and diffused with pharmaceutical grade. A session in our Salt Cave takes 45 minutes and patients come back 10-30 times depending on their condition. In contrast, the healing respiratory effects in a natural Salt Cave are gained by people spending 2-3 hours a day, over a period of 2-3 months.

10. Is Salt Therapy suitable for children and babies?

YES! Salt Therapy is a 100% drug free treatment with no artificial elements. The treatment is suitable for children at any age but if you have any concerns we ask that you please see your Dr first. Children respond to the therapy very quickly and effectively.

11. Why do children suffer more often from respiratory illnesses?

Primarily, the body’s natural defense mechanism for the respiratory system is not fully developed until the age 9. Before this time, larger particles of pollution can reach their lungs as the cilia cannot filter them out. Also, children are smaller, therefore the air they breathe is closer to the ground and more polluted (this is why buggies are designed to be higher than they were 20 years ago). Additionally, children breathe more quickly than adults. To summarize, children breathe more air, likely to be more polluted because they are closer to the ground, into an under-developed filtering system in their small lungs.

12. Why do you have salt lining the walls and on the floor in the room?

The salt on the walls and the floor is applied not only to be aesthetically pleasing but also to keep the room sterile and help create a very special micro climate that is extremely important for the therapy.

13. Why is it so relaxing in the salt rooms?

Salt is negatively charged and has the natural ability to attract and bind positively charged particles to it. The neutralizing forces of salt can cancel out positive charged and harmful electromagnetic vibrations in our environment (electro-smog), as well as in our body. Hence, salt therapy has de-stressing, relaxing effects; it is beneficial for calming the nervous system. Himalayan salt lamps are beneficial for ionising and relaxation at home. They make a beautiful talking piece and provide the benefits of salt healing qualities at home. Talk to one of our Salt Escape staff about purchasing a salt lamp for home or work.


14. I thought salt was not good for us. Why is it good in the lungs?

Eating too much table salt is linked to high blood pressure due to the anti caking agent (E535 and E536) content, which can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. However with Salt Therapy you will breathe the diffused dry saline into the respiratory system, it does not have anti caking agent in it and it does not even go to your stomach / hearth / kidneys. The concentration is 1-10 mg/m3 is in The Salt Cave and a normal adult’s daily recommended salt intake is 6g, from this you can see that the amount of salt going into your respiratory system is really low. Even if you would eat it instead of breathing it that amount would not trigger any issue. In the lungs however it kills the bacteria, reduce the mucus and inflammation.

15. How sterile is the micro-climate in The Salt Cave?

A stable, hypoallergenic, hypo-bacterial environment is maintained in the therapy room, where the micro-climate is three times cleaner than in a sterile operating theater. It is therefore highly unlikely that any infection could be passed on during a session. If somehow any bacteria entered the room during a session and was not killed by the 2 tons of salt on the walls and floor, it would be removed during the 15 minute ventilation time, which follows each Salt Therapy session and would exit the building via ducting.

 16. Wheelchair access?

We do have wheelchair access through the back entrance of our business. Please bare in mind wheelchairs cannot be taken/wheeled into the Salt Room as this is a sterile environment with salt on the floors and we cannot permit wheelchairs into the actual Salt room at this stage (We are hoping to convert another room into a Wheelchair friendly environment – no salt on the floors but at this stage it is not financially in our reach).

17. Halotherapy Guidelines

For your comfort and safety we ask that you read this information before commencing your session.

We invite you to come and relax in our comfortable chairs for 45 minutes of rest and relaxation, while inhaling the purified salt air provided through our state of the art Halogenerators. Each session is carefully monitored for your comfort and safety. Blankets are provided should you feel a little cold as we have to maintain the correct temperature for the treatment to work efficiently (which could be a little cool for some). Ambient music and soft lighting will enhance your experience and you are welcome to bring your own music player as long as headphones are used at volumes low enough not to disturb others. You will know when your session is coming to an end as the main lights will be raised to normal brightness.

Please note:

We do not advise clients to use Halotherapy as a stand alone treatment. We encourage clients to use Halotherapy as a form of complementary natural medicine and to continue to use their current medications as specified by their Medical Practitioner. Please seek medical clearance first from your Dr if you have any doubts about your condition and Salt Therapy (Even though this is a completely natural treatment we like out clients to feel safe and positive about the experience).